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Kashmiri Pandit Exodus News : They ran away from their house, it is not right to give it a communal color.

new Delhi : After the film The Kashmir Files made on Kashmiri Pandits, the issue of Kashmiri Pandit Exodus is once again in discussion. The film depicts the massacre of Kashmir Pandits and the situation at that time. Along with this, politics has also started regarding the film. Regarding the film, the Kerala Congress had said that more Muslims lost their lives in the Valley than Kashmiri Pandits. This former Union Minister and Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said in an interview to Times Now Navbharat that I do not know about it but I have said this many times that counting dead bodies in itself. It is a very inhuman act, if even an innocent person dies, it is a big tragedy in itself.

Fear instilled in their hearts in their own country
Arif Mohammad Khan said that counting how many died from which class is disgusting and deserves to be condemned. I have not only spoken but written on this subject. He said that instead of counting the dead bodies, I would see how many people from the valley were forced to leave their homes and become homeless. Be a refugee in your own country. Fear has been created in their hearts in their own country, it is all recorded on paper, it does not need to be told. Arif Mohammad Khan said that I believe that the conflict in Kashmir was not between sects, Kashmir is the land of Sufis. Terrorism has come to the valley since 1980.

It is not right to give communal color to this issue.
Regarding the discussion about the film, Arif Mohammad said that I have not seen the film but from what I am hearing, I think it is a film based on people who ran away from their homes. He said that if this too is given a communal colour, then nothing will be more regrettable than this. On the question of counter-accusation between Congress and BJP regarding The Kashmir Files, Arif Mohammad Khan said that who is pointing fingers at whom, I do not have to go into this matter. When it comes to humanity, there should be no politics in this matter. He said that everyone knows from where terrorism is spreading in the Valley. People come from across the border with terrorist training and spread terror in the valley.