IndiaKarnataka ready to cut short lessons on Tipu and Babur

Karnataka ready to cut short lessons on Tipu and Babur

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government is all set to cut short lessons on Muslim rulers in India. The textbook revision committee appointed by the Karnataka Education Department has decided to curtail lessons on rulers such as Tipu Sultan, Babur and Muhammad bin Tughlaq.

Texts glorifying Tipu Sultan will be removed from the book. Adjectives like ‘Mysore Tiger’ and ‘Freedom Fighter’ will be removed. The decision of the Textbook Reform Committee was to stand firm in the facts and to remove glorification and comments.

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Texts not only on Tipu but also on rulers such as Babur and Muhammad bin Tughlaq will be scrutinized. Lessons about these two kings will be cut short. Long descriptions of the Mughal Empire will be omitted. The textbook contains only a brief description of the Mughal dynasty.

The new syllabus will add more chapters on the Karkota dynasty from Kashmir and the Ahom dynasty in Assam.

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“Excessive glorification of Tipu and Shivaji is not right. It is decided to include only factual material in the textbook. Many things about Tipu are incorrect. Glorification will be omitted from lessons six to ten.” Rohit Chakraborty, head of the textbook revision committee, said.

It has also decided to remove the introduction to the text ‘Buddhism-Jainism- The Origin of New Religions’.

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