WorldKarabakh: 30 years of Armenian colonization and destruction of Azerbaijani wealth

Karabakh: 30 years of Armenian colonization and destruction of Azerbaijani wealth

AA / Paris / Ümit Dönmez

During the First Karabakh War (1988-1994) Armenian forces expelled one million Azerbaijanis from their native land in Armenia and Azerbaijan, including around 700,000 Azerbaijanis in the occupied areas of Karabakh and the seven neighboring regions. The silence of the international community was already deafening.

Several tens of thousands of Azerbaijani civilians were massacred by the Armenian occupation forces, in particular between 1992 and 1994, the massacres of Khojaly [1] and Bashlibel (1992) as part of the tragic events that traumatized the Azerbaijani people. The international media have covered this subject too little, as the Bosnian war rages in the heart of Europe.

During about three decades of occupation of one fifth of Azerbaijani territory, Armenia destroyed [2] almost all of the region’s thousand-year-old Azerbaijani, Turkic and Muslim cultural heritage. Once again, under the passive and sometimes complicit gaze of the international community and the media.

When new clashes erupted in Karabakh on September 27, 2020, the Armenian army launched deadly attacks in non-conflict areas against Azerbaijani civilians and violated several humanitarian ceasefire agreements. [3]. More than 100 Azerbaijani civilians perished in these attacks. Apart from the Anadolu Agency, very few media reported on this suffering on the Azerbaijani side.

After heavy Armenian defeat and ceasefire agreement signed on November 10, 2020, Armenian forces laid hundreds of thousands of mines [4] anti-personnel and anti-tank in the territories returned to Azerbaijan, killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds more.

The international community continues to turn a blind eye to these realities as many media echo propaganda [5] Armenian nationalist pouring out hatred and wanting to reinforce the rhetoric of the clash of civilizations.

In France, each year, dozens of journalists are threatened by nationalist networks from the Armenian diaspora [6] as the lie of Armenian nationalism is taken up by populist politicians in search of electoral victory [7].

Asked by the Anadolu Agency on the inspirations of Armenian nationalism, historian Maxime Gauin notes that “It is the racist ideology of Garéguine Nejdeh [6] which inspired this invasion, this destruction and this refusal to understand the evolution of the balance of power.

“In its own interest, even more than that of its neighbors, Armenia must get rid of this doctrine,” notes the French historian.
After the liberation of the territories occupied by the Armenians for three decades, the results are catastrophic.

According to estimates, in addition to residential and administrative buildings of Azerbaijan, 700 historical and cultural monuments, 927 libraries, 808 cultural centers, 85 schools of music and art, 22 museums with more than 100,000 objects, four galleries of art, four theaters and two concert halls have been damaged or destroyed by Armenian forces over the past three decades.


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