India'Kallarangad portrays father as the cause of sectarianism'; Diocese of Kanjirapally...

‘Kallarangad portrays father as the cause of sectarianism’; Diocese of Kanjirapally supports Bishop


  • Controversial statement by Bishop Pala.
  • Diocese of Kanjirapally with support.
  • The need to refrain from the act of insulting the bishop.

Pala: The Diocese of Kanjirapally has expressed support for the Bishop of Pala as the controversy continues over the statement of Pala Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangad that narcotic jihad is going on in Kerala along with love jihad targeting Christian youth. The vigilance order came from the side of the Bishop of Pala. The diocese of Kanjirapally said in a statement that it should refrain from insulting the Bishop of Pala who had performed the duty of a responsible pastor.

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It is the duty of the responsible pastor to warn of the dangers and to save those who have been left behind from danger. Stakeholders should refrain from unnecessary media trials and organized moves to discredit the Pala Bishop and the Church. The diocese of Kanjirapally clarified that it is the duty of the responsible pastor to give vigilance instructions.

It is not in line with democratic norms to try to silence people by threatening them instead of resolving their concerns. The portrayal of Kallarangad Pinta as a cause of sectarianism on the grounds that he hinted at organized anti-social activities without defaming any community or sect is a work of conspiracy. The Kanjirapally diocese said in a statement that those who create controversy by ignoring the seriousness of the issues raised by the Bishop of Pala are endangering the religious harmony and communal unity of Kerala.

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The Kanjirapally diocesan clergy delegation also demanded that instead of discussions that address concerns and approach issues with a sense of reality, vested interests should refrain from trying to ignite controversy by turning away from the truth. Vicar Generals of Kanjirapally Diocese Fr. Joseph Vellamattom, Fr. A delegation of priests from the diocese led by Bobby Alex Mannamplakal visited Pala Diocese President Mar Joseph Kallarangad.

As the Bishop of Pala’s statement continues to be controversial, Minister VN Vasavan met with Imam Shamsuddin Mannani Ilavupala of Thazhathangadi. The meeting at Thazhathangadi church lasted for half an hour. The Minister explained to the Imam the circumstances of his visit to the Bishop. The minister said he did not visit the bishop for any specific purpose. At the same time, Thazhathangadi Imam responded that they saw the meeting as an opportunity to put their dissatisfaction exactly to the minister.

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CPM politburo member Prakash Karat had said that the Catholic Church should understand the true nature of the BJP as the controversy continues. The BJP is trying to strategically sideline the Christian clergy. The BJP has been blamed in an article written in Deshabhimani. The statement of Bishop Pala caused concern and suspicion in Kerala. According to Prakash Karat, the BJP used the bishop’s statement to create a rift in the society.

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