IndiaKalkaji Mandir Delhi: Delhi's Kalkaji temple earns Rs 1 to 2.5 crores...

Kalkaji Mandir Delhi: Delhi’s Kalkaji temple earns Rs 1 to 2.5 crores every month, High Court appointed administrator


  • The highest offerings come in the days of Navratri in Kalkaji temple
  • Monthly income reaches from 1 crore to 2.5 crore rupees
  • The High Court gave instructions regarding the temple complex and the surrounding area

New Delhi
Seeing the condition of Kalkaji temple and its surrounding areas, one of the historical temples of Delhi, it may not be believed that the monthly income of the temple is between one crore and two and a half crores. This was revealed in front of the Delhi High Court, which is hearing all kinds of controversies related to this temple. Considering the importance of the temple and the faith of the devotees attached to it, the High Court has ordered its ‘rejuvenation’.

How the temple will be rejuvenated
How this will happen and which agencies will be involved, its full blueprint is recorded in a 71-page order issued by Justice Pratibha M Singh on September 27. The first directive relates to the elimination of illegal encroachments and encroachments in and around the temple premises. The responsibility will be of both Delhi Police and South MCD and for this they have time for this one week. The second instruction, in view of the upcoming Navratri festival, is related to the cleanliness in the temple, the safety of the devotees and public facilities etc. for them.
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High Court appointed administrator
The High Court has entrusted the responsibility of providing basic public facilities to DDA, South MCD, Delhi Police, Fire Department, Medical Departments, DUSIB etc. and they will have to regularize this work. On the issue of distribution of donations and dakshina among the Baridars, the Court observed that there is a serious and urgent need to safeguard the spiritual sanctity of the temple and not to allow it to be misused by unwanted elements who can turn it into a commercial enterprise, as that has been done before. The third instruction is related to line it up. Appointing its retired judge Justice JR Midha as independent administrator, the court said that the entire temple complex would be under the direct control and supervision of the administrator.

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Temple income is highest in Navratri
The court noted that the monthly income of the Kalkaji temple ranges between Rs 1 crore and Rs 1.5 crore, depending on the month-to-month basis. But in Navratri it remains more. With the consent of the baridars, he got an order to give 15 lakh rupees every month for the temple management and redevelopment works. This contribution will be of 20 lakhs in Navratri that falls twice a year. According to the order, steps will be taken for redevelopment from next week onwards as soon as the encroachment and illegal encroachments are removed from around the temple. Renowned architect Gunmeet Singh Chauhan took the responsibility of preparing its plan.