IndiaKabul in the hands of the Taliban; Will Indian diplomats be...

Kabul in the hands of the Taliban; Will Indian diplomats be returned?


  • The Great Crisis in Afghanistan.
  • Pressure to evacuate Indian diplomats.
  • India is assessing the situation.

Kabul: The Taliban’s entry into the Afghan capital, Kabul, has put pressure on the central government to evacuate Indian diplomats. India plans to assess the current situation and take a quick decision.

Taliban in Jalalabad city; Kabul will fall at any moment, the government on the defensive
The central government has said it is assessing the situation in Afghanistan. The talks are being chaired by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval. According to various media reports, India has plans to evacuate officials in the event of an emergency.

India also concludes that shutting down MBC would be tantamount to abandoning the Afghan government. Currently, the only embassy in Kabul is located in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, thousands of Afghan nationals have demanded permission to enter India.

Britain, Germany, Denmark and Spain began evacuating their own representatives from embassies. More than 3,000 U.S. troops have arrived in Kabul to oversee the evacuation and ensure security at the airport. The UK has sent 600 troops to Afghanistan to repatriate civilians. With this, the pressure to evacuate Indian diplomats increased.

malayalam samayamProstration before the memories of the Covid front fighters; Financial Crisis Temporary: President
Various media outlets quoted foreign media as saying that embassy officials had begun an attempt to destroy confidential documents and information stored at the US embassy in addition to evacuating their own citizens. CNN reported that embassy staff had been instructed to remove items including the American flag.

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