WorldKabul: Afghan women protest to demand their rights to work and education

Kabul: Afghan women protest to demand their rights to work and education

AA / Kabul

Afghan women, on Sunday, organized a demonstration to claim their rights to work and education after restrictions imposed by the Taliban movement since its seizure of power in the country.

About 15 Afghan women took part in the protest in Shahr-e Naw Park, in the center of the capital, Kabul.

The women held up banners reading “The silence of the world is a shame”, “A society without women is doomed to perish”, “The development of Afghanistan lies in equality between men and women”, “Why the community international silent, can’t you hear the voice of Afghan women? ” “Protect the rights of Afghan women” or “Women’s rights are human rights”.

The protest was supported by a number of men and children in the park.

In a speech, Shukria Sadat, one of the protest participants, confirmed that they had not obtained a demonstration permit from the Taliban, despite efforts to obtain it.

She said: “It is easy to gain power by force, but to win the hearts of the people one needs understanding. What you (the Taliban) are saying today does not reflect the thinking of the people.” .

As for Rahmieh Nowruz, she called on the international community not to remain silent on human rights violations in Afghanistan.

“Afghan women cannot participate in politics. They have no jobs and no security. School doors are closed to female students. The international community must break the silence,” she said.

For his part, Aaron Zephyry expressed his support for women in their demands for their rights, saying: “I wanted to participate in the protest to make my voice heard. I call on citizens to stand alongside women, so that their voices can be heard. “

The demonstration lasted about an hour without the intervention of Taliban forces.

* Translated from Arabic by Hend Abdessamad

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