India'K turned and raised the flag. Surendran ',' CPM violated flag...

‘K turned and raised the flag. Surendran ‘,’ CPM violated flag code ‘; Criticisms of hoisting the national flag


  • The flag hoisted by K Surendran turned upside down
  • When he realized the mistake, he lowered the flag and raised it again
  • The Congress demanded that a case be registered against him for violating the CPM flag code

Thiruvananthapuram: Controversy over flag hoisting during the country’s 75th Independence Day celebrations. The allegations are against the BJP and the CPM.

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When the flag was hoisted at the BJP state committee office in Thiruvananthapuram, it turned upside down. State President K Surendran hoisted the flag upside down. It was only when the flag was hoisted that it was realized that it was upside down. With this, the flag was lowered and raised again.

Meanwhile, the Congress has accused the CPM of insulting the national flag. The national flag was hoisted next to the CPM flag at the AKG Center. Congress leader KS Sabrinathan had demanded that a case be registered for violating the flag code.

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The party secretary hoisted the national flag at the AKG Center today. But things are insulting to the national flag. The AKG Center was found to be in flagrant violation of the National Flag Code 2.2 (viii) which prohibits the hoisting of any other flag at the same height as the National Flag. The party flag is prominent and the national flag is second to none. His demand was to file a case against the CPM for violating the Indian Flag Code. He made the complaint through Facebook.

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CPM leaders, meanwhile, responded that the protocol had not been violated.


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