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K Surendran to replace him as state president; What is the decision? Valsan Thillankeri responded

Thiruvananthapuram: After the big defeat in the hopeful assembly elections, there were rumors that the central leadership was preparing to sack the state BJP with the controversy over the money laundering. There are strong reports that K Surendran will be removed from the post of state president as the money laundering controversy has intensified along with the incident of trying to influence the candidate by giving money. The names of Suresh Gopi MP and Hindu Aikya Vedi state president Vatsan Thillankeri are prominent for the post of state president. With Suresh Gopi making it clear that he will not be the state president, the stand of Vatsan Thillankeri is crucial. However, Vatsan Thillankeri is not ready to give an exact answer to the question of whether the BJP will become the state president.

Valsan Thillankeri said that there was no communication

Asked whether the BJP would become the state president, Vatsan Thillankeri said there was no such exchange. “Currently, he is active in Hindu Aikya Vedi. Therefore, he is not ready to become the president. Active politics is not being considered now. There are organizational arrangements for electing the BJP state president. Vatsan Thillankeri’s response came amid rumors that K Surendran would be removed from the post of state president.

Violent sectarianism and allegations against Surendran

V Muraleedharan – PK Krishnadas There has been no reduction in the divisions between the factions. Krishnadas’ supporters are still opposed to K Surendran being made the state president. Meanwhile, allegations and cases against Surendran and the party have been active. There is local opposition to the central leadership in the money laundering controversy that has put Surendran on the defensive. This is stated in the report submitted to the national leadership. The RSS leaders also lost credibility with the state leadership. So the decision to trust them too will come from the central leadership. It is in this context that the BJP central leadership and the RSS are moving to seek a neutral candidate for the state presidency.

Everything is just speculation

Vatsan Thillankeri said that the campaigns for the BJP state presidency were speculations. He has no idea about the kind of news that he will become the BJP state president. Currently not ready for it. He said there had been no discussions regarding the decision of the state president. It is noteworthy that the Hindu Aikya Vedi state president is not ready to react in a way that completely rejects the news that the BJP will become the state president.

Suresh Gopi or Vatsan Thillankeri?

Given that Suresh Gopi has publicly stated that he will not be the BJP state president, the possibility of Vatsan Thillankeri cannot be ruled out. There is strong sectarianism in the BJP state leadership. Both the state RSS leadership and the BJP central leadership believe that an impartial person is needed to end this situation. He is a well – known Sangh Parivar leader in the state and a prominent figure in Kannur politics. But despite the support of the RSS leadership, the setback for Vatsan Thillankeri is the unacceptability outside the Sangh Parivar movement. With the exception of Suresh Gopi and Vatsan Thillankeri, another possible name is MT Ramesh, who was considered for the post last time.


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