IndiaK Surendran criticizes 'Rebuild Kerala stagnation, government has not learned anything'

K Surendran criticizes ‘Rebuild Kerala stagnation, government has not learned anything’


  • It is alleged that not even half of the money raised for the reconstruction was spent
  • Surendran said people did not get help
  • Surendran said the government was not ready to make up for the loss of the people

Thiruvananthapuram: BJP state president K Surendran said that the government’s dream project Rebuild Kerala has come to a complete standstill. Surendran alleged that the government had not spent even half of the amount disbursed for the reconstruction. Surendran’s response was while visiting the affected areas in Kottayam district.

The houses are full of mud and stones but there are only volunteers there. Solar systems are nowhere to be found. Everyone should be given immediate help. Sovereigns have a responsibility to help those who have lost their homes, just as they provide financial assistance to those who have died. Surendran alleged that despite the help of the central government, the people did not get help due to the negligence of the government.

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The government was unwilling to make up for the loss of people in previous floods. The current tragedy shows that the government has not learned anything from the previous tragedies. Surendran also blamed that the relief work was not being taken seriously enough.

Meanwhile, Cherian Philip, a fellow leftist, blamed the state government. We have learned many lessons from the floods of 2018 and 19. Went there and learned about the Netherlands model. “No one still knows what the next step will be,” said Philip.

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He said it was a betrayal of the people for the authorities to shed tears and write lamentations in the relief camps after the disaster without paying enough attention to disaster relief.

Due to climate change and environmental impact, floods and droughts can be expected in Kerala at any time. Floods and droughts can only be prevented if there is room for rainwater to accumulate on the ground. The government needs to come up with long-term plans to deal with both, Cherian Phillip said.

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