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K-ICM: ‘YouTube is saturated, now it’s hard to earn hundreds of millions of views’

It can be said that, 2021 is a year of hard music for K-ICM when constantly releasing new songs and pocketing a lot of big and small music awards. In which, MV Precious bird in cage by K-ICM in collaboration with Van Mai Huong and Le Bong received the award for Best Music Video at Asian TV Awards.

Precious bird in cage won the award for Best Music Video at Asian TV Awards.

Many viewers said that, after separating from Jack, K-ICM still achieved quite a bit of success, of course, with a reputation but also a lot of notoriety. Recently, the male producer also received good news when his YouTube channel reached 2 billion views. Share with the audience Showbiz face, K-ICM affirmed that YouTube helps music reach a wider audience. However, recently, the music products on this platform are showing signs of being saturated.

“The proof is that a few years ago, people could create MVs with about 100 to 200 million views, or 50 million views or more is a lot. But to do that at the present time is not easy. That is the reason that recently there are many good and quality products, but it is very difficult to achieve the same number of views as the time from 2017 to 2019. I think this is because YouTube wants to refer to the intrinsic values ​​​​of video more than music. Until now, it seems that YouTube is being saturated and digital music platforms are returning to their rightful role and becoming more known to the public.”


K-ICM: 'YouTube is saturated, now it's hard to earn hundreds of millions of views' - photo 2

K-ICM in a recent exchange at the show “Face of showbiz .”

Talking more about the upcoming plans, the male producer confirmed that he will focus entirely on EDM (electronic music) music and collaborate with other artists around the world.