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Journalist Deaths in War: Fox News cameraman covering Ukraine war killed, car attacked near Kyiv

Kyiv : Ukraine war is going on for last 20 days. During this there has been a huge amount of money and loss of life. Many journalists have also lost their lives while reporting for the war. On Tuesday, a cameraman for US news network Fox News was killed in an attack during coverage in Ukraine. An on-air statement reported that Pierre Zakrzewski was covering the attack with journalist reporter Benjamin Hall when their car was hit near Kyiv.

Commenting on Zakrzewski’s death, host Bill Hemmer said, ‘Pierre Zakrzewski was a legend in the network and his passing is a terrible loss.’ He said that he was with us for many years and had covered wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Chanel CEO Suzanne said, “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have to announce that this morning we lost our cameraman, Pierre Zakrzewski. Pierre was killed in Horenka outside Kyiv.

American journalist was killed in the attack
This is not the first time a journalist has lost his life while covering the nearly three-week conflict in Ukraine. Earlier on Sunday, an American journalist was killed and one journalist was seriously injured while reporting on the war. Ukraine blamed the Russian military for the attack on journalists. American journalist Juan Arredondo, hospitalized in Kyiv, said he and an American colleague were shot after being stopped at a checkpoint near a bridge in Irpin.
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fired without warning
The journalist killed in the attack was identified as Brent Reynaud, who was reporting for the New York Times. However, it was later revealed that he was working for ‘Time’. Juan reported that he and Brent Renaud were traveling in a car with other journalists in Irpin. During this, after being stopped at a security checkpoint, Russian soldiers opened fire without warning. Renaud was killed in this attack while other journalists were injured.