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Joe Biden Ukraine War : Biden provoking Putin by going to Poland in the midst of the Ukraine war? Will visit NATO country

Washington: There is a war between Russia and Ukraine. Neither Ukraine is ready to bow down nor is the Russian army able to capture major Ukrainian cities. Meanwhile, Biden is going to visit Poland adjacent to Ukraine. The whole world has seen the videos and pictures of the devastation of the war. The devastation moved closer to Poland-Ukraine last week when Russian forces blew up a military base. Since Poland is a member of NATO, Russia’s action raised concerns.

US President Joe Biden will also visit Poland during his upcoming trip to Europe to hold talks with NATO and European allies amid Russia’s ongoing attacks on Ukraine. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday that Biden, who leaves Washington on Wednesday, will travel to Brussels and then to Poland, where he will meet with the country’s leaders.

NATO member Poland giving refuge to Ukrainian refugees
Poland is a neighboring country of Ukraine. Poland has given shelter to more than two million people fleeing the war-torn country. Poland has always urged its fellow NATO members to do more to stop this bloodshed. White House officials have previously said Biden has no plans to travel to Ukraine. Biden and NATO have repeatedly said that the US and military alliances will provide arms and other defense assistance to non-NATO member Ukraine.
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NATO does not want to engage with Russia
Despite this, the US and NATO maintain that they are determined to avoid any action on their part that may increase the risk of a wider war with Russia. The question is, is Biden’s visit to Poland ready to answer Russia? The visit of the US President to Ukraine’s neighboring NATO country could also provoke Putin. Putin has warned NATO that intervening in the war would result in the most dire consequences in history. Ukrainian President Zelensky has been calling on NATO to declare Ukraine a ‘no fly zone’, but NATO does not want to confront Russia directly.