WorldJoe Biden declares "to assume the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan"

Joe Biden declares “to assume the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan”

AA / Feïza Ben Mohamed

US President Joe Biden said he “assumes” his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, during a televised address broadcast Monday evening.

“Our objective was and will always be to avoid an attack on our territory” he explained, assuring that he had always wanted “to engage in counterterrorism and not to build new nations”.

The American president, who spoke the day after the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan, nevertheless recognizes “that there was never a good time to withdraw American forces”.

“We made sure that Al-Qaeda does not use Afghanistan as a rear base,” he explained in particular, assuring that he wanted to “continue to defend the rights of the Afghan people, women and girls”.

However, Joe Biden has adopted a very strong tone to openly threaten the Taliban with “devastating use of force” in the event of disruption of evacuation operations carried out by the American diplomatic services.

As a reminder, Monday a few hours earlier, the Pentagon announced the suspension of all civil and military flights to Kabul airport, due to the massive influx of Afghans fleeing on the tarmac.

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