WorldJoe Biden: Biden's popularity is declining rapidly due to Afghanistan

Joe Biden: Biden’s popularity is declining rapidly due to Afghanistan

Own report: The Taliban have not only captured Afghanistan, they have also captured the image of the US President.

Within eight months of coming to power, US President Joe Biden’s popularity is reported to be plummeting. The American people are not happy with Biden’s decision on a number of issues, including Covid, in addition to the situation in Lezgobar over the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. They are losing confidence in their president.
The US liberal circles, including the Democratic Party, are worried.

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A national opinion poll last June found that 54 percent of Americans trust Biden. After that, public opinion polls are conducted every month and it is seen that his popularity has decreased. By the end of August, public confidence in him had plummeted to below 47 percent!

There are many reasons. First, Afghanistan. Biden was initially praised for announcing the end of the 20-year Afghan war. But in the process of implementing the plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, a scene of extreme chaos ensued. He is being sharply criticized in Biden’s party. And there is an unknown sense of panic in the minds of a section of the American people that the United States may have to deal with new militants in the wake of the Afghanistan conflict.

But not only the failure of the Afghan situation, but also the failure of the government to deal with the Covid in America is falling directly on the shoulders of President Biden.

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