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Jobs In Saudi Arabia : Five and a half lakh foreign workers left their jobs in Saudi Arabia, what is the reason?

The number of foreigners working in Saudi Arabia is continuously decreasing. More than half a million people have lost their jobs in Saudi in the last one year. Saudi Arabia ranks among the top three countries in the Gulf according to the jobs of foreign workers. There are 6.1 million foreign workers currently working in Saudi Arabia. Over the past several months, Saudi Arabia has also made its country’s labor laws quite flexible.

571000 reduction in the number of foreign workers
According to data from Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Statistics and General Organization of Social Insurance, the number of foreigners working in the private and government sectors decreased by 571,000 between June 2020 and June 2021. This is a decline of 8.52 per cent in the number of foreign workers in percentage terms.

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At present, there are total 82 lakh employees in Saudi.
It has been reported in this report that the number of Saudi and non-Saudi people in the social insurance system operating in the public and private sectors has decreased from 87 million to 8.2 million. This means that the number of local and foreign workers in Saudi Arabia has declined by 5.5 per cent.

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What are the reasons for the decline in the number of employees
The biggest reason behind the continuously decreasing number of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia is the corona Pandemic. Due to this Pandemic, a large number of foreign workers have returned to their country. Not only this, Saudi Arabia imposed strict travel restrictions in the first quarter of this year. After which the rules regarding the return of foreign workers have not become easy yet. This includes rules like vaccination, corona test report and mandatory quarantine.

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The morale of the workers also broke
Due to the Corona Pandemic, there has also been a psychological effect on the workers coming from many other countries including Saudi Arabia. When the wave of the Pandemic intensified, many countries immediately sent back foreign workers. Now a few countries which are inviting foreign workers have also implemented strict rules and regulations. In such a situation, these workers have now started looking for a means of earning in their own country to avoid these intricacies.


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