SportsJoan Laporta: "The inheritance we have received is disastrous and very worrying"

Joan Laporta: “The inheritance we have received is disastrous and very worrying”

Laporta, during his appearance this Monday at the Camp Nou.LLUIS GENE / AFP

Barcelona shows its economic ruin. The president of the Barça entity, Joan Laporta, explains the situation of the club after last week the board of directors received the final report of the due diligence commissioned to Deloitte last March, when they prevailed in the elections. “The inheritance we have received is disastrous and very worrying,” Laporta stressed in an appearance of two, in which he hardly resorted to his notes and in which he responded to former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, who had accused the current board of “inaction ”. The Catalan lawyer revealed that Barça’s debt is estimated at 1,350 million euros, that the net worth is negative (551) and that last year’s losses are 481, five times higher than the red numbers presented in the 2019 campaign- 2020: 97.

Last Friday, Bartomeu sent a letter to Laporta, published by the Efe agency. “I see myself in the obligation to address you in order to specify certain manifestations, clarify responsibilities and demand from you, as president, immediate actions against situations that are seriously affecting, due to mistakes and manipulations, not only the image of the club, but also of the board of directors, “said the former president, describing his analysis in 10 points. “It is a letter full of lies, with an effort to justify an unjustifiable management. It is an exercise in desperation, “said Laporta. Last May, its board approved, in the Assembly of Committees, the balance of the 2019-2020 season, the last full exercise of the Bartomeu board. “They were approved for a technical question, so as not to paralyze the club. They are responsible for the club’s situation until March 17, 2021 ”, recalled the Catalan lawyer, who took 28 minutes to respond to Bartomeu.

“We already knew that the situation was worrying, but my teammates and I love Barça and we had a plan. Now I am in very high spirits, especially after seeing the team this Sunday ”, explained Laporta, after the victory of Ronald Koeman’s team in the La Liga debut against Real Sociedad (4-2). “I am convinced that the decisions to be made have been made,” he added. And he reflected on the goodbye of Lionel Messi: “Sad for Leo, but it was necessary. The institution is above all. It does not scare us because the challenge is very great and we will be able to reverse it. A new era is born. If we are all united it will be very successful, I am convinced ”.

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Laporta praised Piqué’s attitude, which, according to a club statement, was lowered “significantly” the salary so that the club could bring the staff salary mass in line with the LFP’s demands to register Memphis Depay, Èric García and Rey Manaj. “We are satisfied, especially because we have already resolved with Piqué. I greatly appreciate your predisposition. There are players who at times are not just footballers. Gerard loves Barça above all else, he has seen that we are in a compromising situation and has done a commendable act, which not everyone does. We hope that other captains will act on the Piqué line, ”said Laporta. Jordi Alba, another of the captains, defended himself after the victory against Real. “News leaked before the European Championship and it was lies. I am from the house, I will live my whole life in Barcelona and what I love the most is Barça. It annoys me very much that my commitment is doubted. I’m here to show my face ”, said the full-back. “Both Jordi, Busquets and Roberto are behaving very well. We will reach the agreements that both parties want to reach. They will do an act of service to the club and when we can, we will recognize it ”, concluded Laporta.

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