IndiaJNU Molestation Case: Man arrested for trying to rape PhD student, snatched...

JNU Molestation Case: Man arrested for trying to rape PhD student, snatched mobile and clothes also recovered

New DelhiThe police have finally caught the accused in the attempted rape of a PhD student on the night of January 17 on the JNU campus. It has been identified as Akshay Dolai (27). It is originally from 24 Parganas West Bengal. He lives here in Munirka with his wife and children. The South-West police have recovered the scooter used in the crime, the mobile snatched from the girl student and the clothes worn on that day.

The accused was intoxicated for the crime
South-West Delhi DCP Gaurav Sharma said that the accused is living with his family in a rented house in Munirka. He came to Delhi in 2011. He was intoxicated on the night of the incident. It deals in selling mobile repairing and SIM cards at a shop in Bhikaji Cama Place.

During interrogation, he told that, on the morning of the incident, he had a fight with his wife. The wife got angry and went to her maternal home. It is said that it was a love marriage. In the evening of the same day, he had a drink with the owner of the shop. It did drink more after the owner left. Then it went to JNU. This JNU used to come and go.

The accused used to come to the JNU ticketing counter everyday
Till 2015, it did the work of ticket booking reservation. Because of this, he used to visit JNU ticketing counter almost everyday. That night he had reached JNU on a white colored scooter. There it saw three girls going inside the JNU gate. It was drunk. It followed him and went inside JNU. All the girls went to their hostels. Then it started roaming on admin block road. At the same time a PhD student came there while walking.

Seeing the only girl, he parked the scooter on the side. Aiming at the girl, he stood in the corner. He wanted to see where the girl would go while running. Saw that she has turned towards the East Gate. Which is a deserted place. Then it followed the girl. The girl thought that she had forgotten the path. The girl tried to help him, but he tried to rape the girl.

During the scuffle, the accused also got hurt in his leg. When the student tried to call the police from the phone, it snatched her phone and fled with the scooter. At that time the team had no clue. The challenge was many. There was no entry of two wheeler in the register at the gate. When an attempt was made to retrieve the second CCTV footage, the picture in them was not clear. Here, JNU students started protesting.

What did the DCP say
DCP told that, he himself has studied from JNU for four years. He took a vow that we will not sleep till the matter is resolved. More than a thousand cameras were scanned to nab the accused. View the entire route. Then this information came out. After the incident, the accused got out of the scooter not from the North Gate of JNU but from the West Gate. After that it turned left. Then Nelson took the Mandela route. This road remains deserted at night. Seeing the picket, it stayed there for three minutes. From there it took a cut from the wrong side and came out in front of the DCP office. Then turning right and leaving the ring road reached home. On Sunday, it reached its home in front of the team. Then the police team already standing by putting a trap caught it.

The DCP said that the two wheeler key register is not entered at the JNU gate. Food delivery people and car people have entry. It took advantage of this.