IndiaJeff Bezos to watch 'Shepherd's Shoulder' space; Launched today

Jeff Bezos to watch ‘Shepherd’s Shoulder’ space; Launched today


  • Launched today
  • Founder of Amazon aimed at space tourism
  • Will be broadcast live

New York: Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos has joined Richard Branson, the billionaire and head of the Virgin Galactic company, into space. The Blue Origin company’s New Shepherd spacecraft, owned by Jeff Bezos, is flying with the goal of making low – cost space travel a reality for the general public.

The spacecraft will take off from a special platform in West Texas with four people, including Jeff Bezos. The spacecraft will fly at an altitude of up to 100 km above the ground. The difference from the Virgin Galactic to the Blue Origin spacecraft is that there will be no trained astronauts on board. The spacecraft will be controlled from Earth. Travel time will be 10 minutes from the ground until it reaches 100 km and returns. The plan is to make this service available to the public in the future.

The spacecraft is being launched from an uninhabited area in West Texas. It is not open to the public. However, the launch and landing of the spacecraft can be seen live through various media.

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Although the two companies are targeting space tourism, there is a big difference in the technologies used. The Virgin spacecraft was flown by a mothership using aircraft technology. After reaching a high altitude in the sky, the spacecraft separates from the aircraft and reaches the space boundary using a propeller. After the flight, the spacecraft will land on the runway as an aircraft.

But Jeff Bezos’ spacecraft is working like a satellite. After being launched into space by a rocket-like launch vehicle, the launch vehicle will return to Earth and land steeply with the help of propellers. The New Shepherd spacecraft will stay in space for about four minutes and then return to Earth with the help of rockets. Prior to this, travelers can unbuckle their seat belts and enjoy zero gravity and light weight. You can also enjoy views of the Earth from space. The spacecraft has the technology to survive even if the launch vehicle catches fire due to technical issues.

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The spacecraft will return to the Texas desert with the help of parachutes. Company officials will be waiting for the spacecraft to land at a speed of only 1.6 kilometers per hour.