IndiaJDU Leader Murder : Door opened with sand truck... 5 bullets fired...

JDU Leader Murder : Door opened with sand truck… 5 bullets fired in chest… Arson… Municipal Council Vice President Deepak Mehta publicly murdered

Danapur News: In the capital Patna, the leader of JDU was gunned down and killed. After this sensational incident, fear has spread in the whole area, because a leader close to Upendra Kushwaha was killed by the killers at the door of his house. At present the police is investigating the matter.


  • Death reached outside the house at 9 pm with a sand truck
  • Bullets rained on JDU leader as soon as he opened the door of the house
  • 5 bullets created chaos in the whole area
  • The killer was a boy of 17-18 years old
Danapur: The time is around 9 o’clock in the night, Nasriganj of Danapur, a highway standing outside a house and sand being dropped on it, suddenly firing daily and till people understand something… the killers killed the well-known businessman and JDU leader Deepak Mehta of the area. The corpse was laid. City Council Vice President Deepak Mehta was immediately taken to Paras Hospital for treatment, but doctors there declared him brought dead. After the news of the murder of city council vice-president Deepak spread in the area, a huge crowd took to the road. During this uproar, the media vehicles which came to do coverage were also targeted.

Death arrived with sand truck!
Body Deepak Mehta was shot five times at the door of his house. Earlier on Monday night, Deepak was getting some work done in his house. For this, he had ordered sand and the time when this incident was carried out, shortly before this incident, the sand laden highway reached the door of his house. Deepak came out of the house to get this sand off, just now the highway was being unloaded that suddenly some youths on two bikes reached there, according to the local people, the person who shot from it was 17-18 years old. After this, full 6 bullets were fired at Deepak.
Patna News: JDU leader Deepak Mehta, close to Upendra Kushwaha, shot dead in Danapur
5 bullets spread sensation in the whole area
After roasting Deepak with bullets, all the attackers fled from Nasriganj towards Ramjichak. Here, Deepak was rushed to Paras Hospital, but he had died before that. Out of 5 bullets fired by the attackers, Deepak Mehta got one in the head, one in the stomach and two in the lung. The discussion in the area is going from political animosity to the angle of property dealing, but nothing has been cleared so far.

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There is no concrete clue in the police investigation so far.
On the other hand, after receiving the news of the incident, the police of nearby police stations reached there. In this regard, Danapur SHO Ajit Kumar Saha told that Danapur Municipal Council vice-president Deepak Mehta was gunned down by bike-borne criminals. He died during treatment in a private hospital. The reasons for the murder of the city council vice-president cum JDU leader are being ascertained.

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