JCB was taking the car out of the pit, but got stuck...

JCB was taking the car out of the pit, but got stuck himself, people said – had come to help, needed help himself

JCB, who came to take the car out of the pit, himself needed help, watching the video, people said – ‘fell from the sky and stuck on the date palm’

There are times in life when we go to do something like this, and something else goes. A similar video is going viral on social media, after watching which you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing. On Social Media Viral Video, some such funny videos keep going viral every day. Even today a similar video has gone viral. Before we say anything, watch this video.

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In the video you can see that a car has fallen into a pit, the owner of the car calls JCB to pull out the trapped car. JCB also comes after a while, but after looking ahead, you get to laugh. As soon as JCB comes, he tries to get out of the car, but he himself fell into the pit due to loss of balance.

People are laughing a lot after watching this video. A Twitter user wrote on social media, ‘Yeh sab kismat ka kismat khela hai’. On the other hand, another Twitter user wrote that now call another crane to lift this JCB. This funny video has been shared on Twitter with an account named @HldMyBeer. So far this video has been viewed by more than 3 lakh people. By the way, this video is very good if seen. Videos like this make us laugh.


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