IndiaJB Mather has assets worth over Rs 11 crore; Rahim gets...

JB Mather has assets worth over Rs 11 crore; Rahim gets Rs 26,304; Jewelry and other information thus

Thiruvananthapuram: Among the Rajya Sabha candidates from Kerala, Congress candidate JB Mether has the highest income. The Congress Rajya Sabha candidate has assets worth Rs 11.14 crore. The details show that AA Rahim, the CPM candidate, has the least assets.

According to JB Mather, there are agricultural and non-agricultural properties worth Rs 11.14 crore. JB Mather owns a house worth Rs 75 lakh, jewelery worth Rs 87,03,200 and an insurance policy worth Rs 1,54,292. According to documents submitted by the Congress candidate, he owes Rs 46.16 lakh. Not a single case has been registered against JB, the state president of the Mahila Congress.

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The Congress candidate’s husband has a Mercedes Benz worth Rs 41 lakh, Rs 23.56 lakh at Edappally Dhanalakshmi Bank and Rs 12,570 at Federal Bank on Broadway. According to the documents, JB has Rs 10,000 in his possession.

According to documents, CPM candidate AA Rahim has assets worth Rs 26,304 crore. Rahim, who is also the DYFI All India President, has 37 criminal cases pending against him. According to the documents, Rahim’s wife owns agricultural land worth Rs 4.5 lakh, a vehicle worth Rs 6 lakh and jewelery worth Rs 70,000.

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CPI candidate P Santosh Kumar owns agricultural land worth Rs 10 lakh and holds Rs 10,000. His wife owns Rs 15,000, farm land worth Rs 4 lakh and jewelery worth Rs 4 lakh. He owns 8.5 cents of land and a house in Kannur Corporation in the name of his wife. According to records, Santosh owes Rs 2 lakh and his wife Rs 19 lakh. Santosh Kumar, currently the CPI Kannur District Secretary, was the former All India General Secretary of the AIYF.

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