WorldJapan's new prime minister pledges to return the economy to "growth rails"

Japan’s new prime minister pledges to return the economy to “growth rails”

The new Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, promised to return the economy to “growth rails” and introduce a “new capitalism” system in the country, which would “distribute the fruits of development more evenly.”

The head of the Japanese government, who took office on Monday, speaking in parliament, touched upon such issues as the fight against the spread of a new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), economic development and foreign policy.

Taking advantage of the decline in coronavirus incidence over the past month, the government will make efforts to ensure that the population feels safe, Kishida promised.

For socio-economic activities, digital vaccination certificates will be distributed, and the topical use of an oral drug for COVID-19 will be approved by the end of the year, the head of the Japanese government said.

Kishida went on to talk about the government’s plans to revise the current national security strategy, strengthen naval security and missile defense.

The Japanese prime minister noted Tokyo’s determination to follow the course of developing relations with Moscow on the basis of mutual trust.

However, according to Fumio Kishida, a peace treaty with the Russian Federation will not be signed until the problem of the Kuril Islands controlled by Russia is resolved.

The prime minister also stressed the importance of improving bilateral ties with South Korea.

Kishida added that he would like steps to be taken to improve relations with this country.

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