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Jammu Kashmir News: Terrorists flee from the jungles of Poonch to Shopian! The security forces started the operation by sealing the area

Govind Chauhan, Jammu
The operation going on in Bhata Dhuriyan of Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir has now gone to Shopian in Kashmir. Information has come about the terrorists breaking the cordon from Poonch and fleeing to Shopian in Kashmir. After this, the operation has been started in this area as well. Although nothing is being said officially yet, but sources say that the operation has been started in Heerpora, the last village of Shopian. The forest is being explored in this area as well.

According to the information, the operation was started by the security forces after spotting terrorists in Bhata Dhuriyan forest of Poonch district on October 10. The terrorists had entered this area by infiltrating. After that nine soldiers including two JCOs were martyred during the operation but none of the terrorists were killed. In this operation, a terrorist locked in the forest has also been killed, who was in contact with these terrorists. He was brought to the spot but he was also killed in the firing of terrorists.

There has been no firing in this forest after 24 October. About three thousand soldiers have been deployed in the operation. Commands have been deployed from helicopters but now information is coming that terrorists have fled from this forest to Shopian. The people of Hirpora village of Shopian have informed the security forces about the sighting of terrorists in the forest. It was told that a group of armed terrorists has come to the forest.

After this information, the work of scouting this area has been started. Earlier the operation of Poonch was considered to be the longest but now it has also become a long area. Because the entire area from Poonch to Shopian is being sealed. The area of ​​Poonch meets Shopian in Kashmir by the Mughal road. Hirpora village is the last village of Shopian district, which is situated on Mughal Road. There is a forest area around it.

It is believed that during the operation, the terrorists have reached Shopian from Poonch from this forest, so there has been no firing in the Poonch forest for several days. On the other hand, the people of the village have also told the security forces that the terrorists had come to the homes of the people to get food and drink. This information has been kept secret by the security forces till now. So that the terrorists can be killed, but after the arrival of terrorists in this area, it has become clear that some group of terrorists has come fresh, which can be Poonch. The forest area of ​​Poonch meets Shopian in Kashmir. In such a situation, there is every possibility that only the terrorists of Poonch have come to this forest.