IndiaJailed for 15 years; Meanwhile wife 4 gave birth; Palestinian...

Jailed for 15 years; Meanwhile wife 4 gave birth; Palestinian terrorist reveals ‘secret’ behind fatherhood

JERUSALEM: Palestinian terrorist Rafat al-Kharawi has revealed that he has been in prison for 15 years and is the father of four children during this time. When you see the news, the first thing that comes to mind is whether the jailed terrorist got parole for this. There are many who suspect that the terrorists have the opportunity to stay with their wives in jail. But when it is heard that Rafat al-Qarawi never spent time with his wife during his sentence, it is doubtful whether his claim is false. But this suspicion may come as a surprise when one hears Kharawi’s claim that he is the father of four children while in prison.

Jailed since 2006

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In a recent interview with a television channel, Rafat al-Kharawi revealed that he was the father of four children while in prison, the English news channel News18 reported. Kharawi, a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, was arrested in 2006 for plotting and carrying out terrorist activities against Israel. He later claimed to be the father of four children while in prison.

Sperm are transmitted

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Rafat claims that his wife became pregnant with the help of a fertility clinic by removing his semen from the prison. It collects its semen from the jail and sends it out into a packet of chips. According to Rafat, his wife became pregnant four times after being fertilized with an egg collected from his wife at a fertility clinic. He is reported to have said in an interview that other terrorists in jails are similarly smuggling semen out of plastic bags.

Passing through the canteen

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Rafat explains that they send plastic bags out through the prison canteen. According to the prison rules here, prisoners are allowed to send their belongings in bags from the prison canteen. They use this method to “pass the sperm”. Rafat says going to the prison canteen is like going to the supermarket. “If you want to send candy, honey and juice home as a gift, you can send it this way,” Rafat added. By law, prisoners can send home at least five items in this way.

Experts say that is not possible

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According to Palestinian media reports, “sperm smuggling” from prisons is a common occurrence here. According to News18, 101 babies have been born so far from sperm smuggled from prisons. Officials say that if a Palestinian person is detained, they are not allowed to see or interact with their partners. At the same time, there are reports of such babies being born. However, health experts say that babies are not born through this type of sperm transmission. They also argue that sperm cannot survive so long outside the host’s body.