Jackpot was found by the farmer, diamond worth lakhs was found while...

Jackpot was found by the farmer, diamond worth lakhs was found while digging the land, diamond has been found for the 6th time in two years

The farmer got the jackpot, got a diamond worth lakhs while digging the land

In Panna district of Madhya Pradesh, a farmer has found a high quality 6.47 carat diamond in the excavation of land taken on lease from the government. This farmer has got a diamond for the sixth time in excavation in the last two years. District in-charge diamond officer Nutan Jain told on Saturday that Prakash Majumdar got this diamond on Friday in a mine in Jaruapur village. He said that this 6.47 carat diamond will be put up for sale in the upcoming auction and the price will be fixed as per the guidelines of the government.

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Majumdar said that he will share the amount received from the auction with his four partners engaged in mining. “We are five partners,” he told reporters on Friday. We have found a diamond of 6.47 carats. Which we have deposited in the Government Diamond Office. Apart from this, four other precious diamonds of 2 to 2.5 carats were also found in mining in the last two years.

Officials said that the raw diamond will be auctioned and the proceeds will be given to the farmer after deducting government royalty and taxes. According to personal estimates, the price of a 6.47 carat diamond in the auction can be around Rs 30 lakh.

Panna district, located in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, is estimated to have deposits of about 12 lakh carats of diamonds. The state government leases small pieces of land to local farmers and laborers in the Panna diamond reserve areas for diamond mining. The farmers or workers deposit the diamonds obtained in mining with the District Diamond Officer.

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