IndiaIt's easy for us to get together; It's good for you;...

It’s easy for us to get together; It’s good for you; Hate speech by the priest


  • Criticism of the priest’s speech
  • It is easy for Christians to unite
  • Threats to take place through church and palace

Kochi: After the reference to ‘Narcotic jihad’ by Pala Bishop Joseph Kallarangad, the priest made a hate speech. The priest came out with a hate speech during a declaration of solidarity in front of the Bishop’s House, led by extremist Christian organizations, in support of the Bishop.

“The world will know what the Qur’an is and what the Hadith are. A great revolution is going to take place in the world from Kerala. It will be good for you and good for us if you stay with us peace-loving, or the situation will be very bad. It is very difficult for you to unite with us and we will openly tell you the hidden plans that you are going to implement, it is a danger to you, we are lovingly reminding you to end it, we can live in peace, you shed it when you say two jihads, so how many mantras do you have to say, so please do not lead to delay. . ” The priest came out with a hate speech during a solidarity rally in front of the Pala Bishop’s House in support of Joseph Kallarangad, led by extremist Christian organizations.

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Criticism of the priest’s remarks is rising on social media. “Kerala is not as divisive as other states which are merely communal without mentioning development and progress. All sections of the people have the wisdom to recognize the purity of purpose of such people.” Basheer responded.

“You ‘re going to have to cover up your father’s case a little bit. That means not everyone is going after you. If anything, you have to hold a press conference with evidence. Or file a case. Do not cross-examine from the altar.” Says Leidin John.

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“It’s enough to remember the last flood. When we called from Malappuram and came to your country and removed the mud from the churches and houses, we lost the mud in your minds.” Bawas responded by saying Kuriyedam.

“Religious leaders need to present things carefully. They need to identify the traps that someone is digging. We need to identify the agendas of those who are trying to divide us.” Admiralty Saqafi Vazhakkad clarified. People have reacted in this way to the Reporter TV post sharing the priest’s sermon.

K Surendran with the support of the Bishop of Pala