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Italy to donate 45 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to poor countries by the end of the year

Draghi attended the “Global Covid-19 Summit” held in New York due to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly via video link.

Stating that they have made great progress in vaccine distribution through the Global Access to Covid-19 Vaccines Program (COVAX), Draghi said, “There are still great inequalities. Therefore, there is a need to be more generous.” said.

Recalling that they promised to donate 15 million doses of vaccine at the Global Health Summit in May in Rome, Italian Prime Minister Draghi said, “Almost half of these have been distributed. I am pleased to announce that we will triple our efforts in this regard. We will donate 30 million additional doses to poor countries by the end of the year. Our donation will reach 45 million doses.” he said.

Stating that they need to increase the production capacity of vaccines and health vehicles in vulnerable countries, Mario Draghi said, “We support the European Union’s plan to donate 1 billion euros to improve the production capacity in Africa and encourage technology transfer. The USA and the EU to encourage our joint efforts towards a global vaccination.” We welcome the agenda of the used the phrase.

Drawing attention to the importance of international cooperation in stopping the epidemic and preventing future emergencies, Draghi reminded that 2.5 billion people in the world have been vaccinated so far, and 1 billion people have received a single dose of vaccine.

Prime Minister Draghi, as the G20 Term President, also expressed that they want to establish a “Global Health and Finance Board” to increase global cooperation so that the insufficient coordination between health and finance authorities that emerged during the epidemic period does not happen again.

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