World'It was very important to start the league with 3 points'

‘It was very important to start the league with 3 points’

The Italian coach made statements at the press conference held after the match played at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium.

Stating that they started the match well, Farioli said, “It was very important to start the league with 3 points. We will come to a better point. We have a long way to go. In general, I am satisfied with the performance of my players. We will try to bring some of our players to the desired level.” used his statements.

To a question about the obligation to play 3 domestic players in the starting 11 Francesco Farioli“We naturally have to get used to the new rule. I use foreign players in some positions. I am satisfied with the performance of the 3 Turkish players playing today. Efe is a player we expect more from. He has this quality. Jimmy Durmaz gave us the necessary help. Kerim struggled a lot. Erhun also He did very well. I think there is no concept of Turkish or foreign players. There is a good player. A good player is always on the field.” gave the answer.

Finally, after about 1.5 years, Farioli conveyed his views about the fans’ participation in the stadium: “I am very happy. It was very important for us that they came back. It was a force that pushed us behind when we fell from the match. I think the number of fans will increase as the weeks go by.” he said.

Erol Bulut: We would like to start better

Gaziantep Technical Director Erol Bulutnoted that they will perform better by closing their shortcomings in the coming weeks.

Noting that they could not make the start they wanted to the match, Bulut said, “We would like to start the league better. We lost. The first half of the match was under the control of Fatih Karagümrük. We fought very well in the second half. My players tried to do their best. We want to watch a better Gaziantep. Midfield and attack. “The 3 players we agreed on for the line will join us. More work is needed on the details.” expressed an opinion.

Regarding Angelo Sagal’s red card at the end of the first half, Erol Bulut said, “The red card decision is a bit heavy. The player has a move to the ball. Then he may have touched his foot.” used his statements.

Finally, emphasizing that Gaziantep has played more counterattack football in the last 2 seasons, Bulut said, “We want to change this. We are trying to have the ball. Time is needed. We want to take the team to a higher level with transfers. We will try to do better than last year.” he concluded his speech.

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