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It is not enough to walk around in a daze; Need discipline; Congress on the beginning of the cadre system

Kozhikode: The DCC President reads out the registration, numbered seats, the number of participants in the meeting and the names of those who did not attend. These were the changes seen at the Congress’ Kozhikode DCC leadership meeting announcing the advent of the cadre system. No beating for the seat, absolute discipline.

No beats for the chair

The DCC president said he would send a letter to those who did not attend the meeting and take action if the explanation was not satisfactory. The meeting was chaired by KPCC president K Sudhakaran. Only DCC president and working president were present with Sudhakaran at the venue. Other leaders were in the front row of the hall.


Activists listened to the leaders’ speeches with discipline. Mathrubhumi has reported that the activists’ refusal to join the group to meet the senior leaders could not be seen this time. Discipline was also seen when activists were instructed to leave. The leaders were seated in chairs bearing their names on the stage.

KPCC office bearers and executive members were seated in the front row of the hall. Seats were then arranged by DCC office bearers, block presidents, district and state office bearers of nutrition organizations, and finally constituency presidents.

Handbook will be provided

The party plans to distribute a handbook containing the Congress’ guidelines to leaders. In addition to party classes, this handbook will also be distributed to workers. This handbook outlines the responsibilities of each leader. Sudhakaran has stated that action will be taken against those who criticize the leaders on social media without warning.

To the cadre system

The KPCC has stated that more than 1,25,000 Congress Unit Committees (CUCs) will be set up in the state by December 28. The inauguration of the CUCs formed in the first phase will be held on Thursday at 9 am at Karimpuzha, Palakkad. The CUCs are made up of members of Congress houses and friendly houses.

Probation period for leaders

The first six months will be a probation period for everyone from CUC leaders to the DCC president. Previously assigned missions must have been carried out beautifully. Sudhakaran has made it clear that he does not want leaders who defeat his own party’s candidates in the leadership. Sudhakaran warns us not to expect to be able to shine again.