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Israeli soldiers opened fire on Palestinian youth protesting the blockade on the Gaza border

Six people were injured when Israeli soldiers opened fire on Palestinians who were demonstrating in the border area against the 15-year blockade of the Gaza Strip.

A group of young people calling themselves the “night turmoil unit” continued their protests on the eastern border of the cities of Gaza and Han Yunus this evening.

Young people burned tires at the border and threw sound bombs at Israeli soldiers.

Israeli soldiers, on the other hand, tried to disperse the youth gathered in the border strip by opening fire and throwing tear gas grenades. In the incident, 3 Palestinians were injured, one seriously, by live bullets, and the other 3 were injured by shrapnel. It was noted that some Palestinians were in danger of suffocation by being affected by gas bombs.

Palestinian youth, who came together under the name of the night turmoil unit, aim to disturb Jewish settlements and Israeli soldiers by burning car tires and throwing sound bombs in the border strip late in the evening to protest Israel’s 15-year blockade.

Since the attacks in May, Israel has significantly restricted the entry of goods into Gaza. This situation caused the economic situation in Gaza to worsen.

Israel has been blockading the Gaza Strip, with a population of approximately 2.1 million, from land, sea and air since 2006.

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