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Israeli media: The Israeli delegation went to Sudan and met with the soldiers who attempted the coup

In the news on the Walla News website, it was stated that a delegation from Israel visited Sudan after the coup attempt on 25 October.

It was stated that the Israeli delegation met with some Sudanese military officials, including General Abdurrahim Hamdan Dagalu, who is in charge of the Rapid Support Forces.

Citing unnamed Israeli officials, the report said the delegation aimed to “get a better impression of the volatile situation in Sudan and how this might affect efforts to conclude the deal to normalize diplomatic relations.”

The report also pointed out that the Sudanese military delegation, including Dagalu, visited Tel Aviv a few weeks before the coup attempt and met with Israeli officials.

It was reported that during the meeting, the political situation in Sudan was discussed, but the military authorities did not show any indication to the Israelis that they would attempt a coup.

Reminding that unlike many countries, Israel remained silent against the coup attempt in Sudan, and noted that this situation created the feeling that Tel Aviv supported the coup attempt in Sudan.

In the process of normalizing relations with Israel last year, it was emphasized that military officials played an active role in Sudan rather than the civilian wing.

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