WorldIsrael Court again postpones decision on Sheikh Jarrah's lawsuit

Israel Court again postpones decision on Sheikh Jarrah’s lawsuit

The Israeli Supreme Court has once again postponed a final verdict on the appeal of four Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah region of occupied East Jerusalem who are facing forced eviction from their homes. This was announced by the lawyer of the Palestinians Sami Arshid.

“The court heard all sides of the case, but did not pass a verdict,” Arshid said at the end of the court session.

He added that no information was provided on the date of the decision.

Meanwhile, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation reported that the court offered the families a compromise – the status of “protected residents”. He will allow them to stay in their homes on the condition that they pay rent to the owners of the land.

Sheikh Jarrah is home to Palestinians who became refugees during the Nakba (Day of the Great Catastrophe) in 1948. Palestinians live in the quarter as part of an agreement reached between the Joint Committee on Palestine Refugees, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), and the Jordanian State, which ruled East Jerusalem and the West Bank after 1948.

Jewish settler organizations claim that the lands in the Sheikh Jarrah quarter, where Palestinians live today, were acquired before 1948.

Concerns about 27 Palestinian families, who have been under the threat of resettlement for years, have re-emerged amid pressure from the Israeli authorities.

In 2019, a Jerusalem court at the request of Jewish settlers ordered 12 Palestinian families living in the Sheikh Jerrah neighborhood to leave their homes in favor of the settlers.

According to the decree, 4 out of 12 Palestinian families had to vacate their homes in January this year.

The families appealed and a decision was made to reopen the trial. However, in mid-February, the Central Court of Israel rejected the objection of these 4 families.

Earlier this year, Israel’s Central Court ordered the release of seven other families’ homes and hand them over to Jewish settlers.

On March 4, an Israeli court finally rejected an objection from Palestinian families living in the neighborhood to Sheikh Jarrah who had appealed against the eviction order.

The Israeli Supreme Court on May 2 appointed 4 families in Sheikh Jarrah until May 6 to “come to terms” with Jewish settlers.

At a hearing in the Supreme Court on May 9, the final decision was postponed until June.

There are 18 illegal Jewish settlements in occupied East Jerusalem. More than 220 thousand Jewish settlers live in them.

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