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Israel Airstrikes In Iran: Big disclosure on Israeli airstrike on Iranian nuclear bases, America was already aware!


  • Israel informed the US before the attack on the Iranian nuclear facility
  • Israel did an air strike on Iran’s nuclear facility in June, did not take responsibility
  • There was also an airstrike on Iran’s ballistic missile factory in September

Tel Aviv
Israel consulted with US officials before the attack on Iran’s nuclear facility in June this year. During this, Israel also targeted a missile factory located west of Tehran. It is said that before this attack, Israel shared every detail of its mission with American officials. However, Iran called these attacks a terrorist incident. Israel also did not claim direct responsibility for the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Israel consulted US officials
The New York Times reported on Saturday that the Israeli government consulted with US officials before launching a covert airstrike on a nuclear facility in Karaj, Iran, and a missile factory west of Tehran. In this, American officials were informed about the action.

Israel did not take responsibility for the attack on Iranian targets
The report is based on conversations with more than a dozen Israeli and US officials. These officials, on condition of anonymity, claimed that the US was already aware of Israel’s airstrikes on Iran. However, Israel has not claimed responsibility for any attacks on Iran’s nuclear plants to date.

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The Iranian nuclear facility was attacked in June
Israel’s first attack was on an Iranian nuclear facility in Karaj in June. The strike was deemed a terrorist attack in Tehran. It destroyed a site of the International Atomic Energy Agency deployed to oversee the Iranian nuclear program. Israel claimed that Iran was building nuclear centrifuges in this nuclear facility.

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Airstrike on ballistic missile manufacturing factory
After this, on 27 September 2021, another attack was carried out on a factory in Iran. The factory belonged to the aerospace industry organization Shahid Hemat Industrial Group. It is claimed that ballistic missiles with different engines were made in this factory for the Iranian army. Satellite images from Imagesat show heavy damage to Iran’s missile manufacturing factory.

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Israeli PM talks to America
Just last week, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Iran was trying to blackmail the US into signing a looser deal. Any such agreement would allow Iran to reach bomb-grade uranium enrichment levels. Earlier too, Israeli officials feared that the US might ease some sanctions under pressure from Iran that would be dangerous for the region.