Worldİsmail Balaban became the head wrestler in Alaplı Oil Wrestling

İsmail Balaban became the head wrestler in Alaplı Oil Wrestling

held in the wrestling field in Alaplı district of Zonguldak. 550 athletes participated in oil wrestling.

in the final İsmail Balaban, who defeated Salih Erinç, became the chief wrestler.

Businessman Mesut Gülten, who paid 267 thousand liras, received the title of “Wrestling Master” in the organization.

In his speech, Mayor of Alaplı Nuri Tekin stated that they continue the tradition of wrestling, which is an ancestral sport, and said, “We took a break from this event for a while due to the pandemic process. We did not forget our ancestral sport, we stand by both ancestral sports and our athletes. This year was a good organization. All the wrestling wrestlers came here. I would like to thank those who contributed.” said.

First place in the competitions is Ferit Keskin in the big middle, Osman Kan in the head, İsmail Gencer in the dustbin, İsa Köse standing in the standing, Sefa Yılmaz in the small middle, Talat Uyar in the small middle, Yakup İsmail Çoratçı in the little 1, Fahrettin Çelik in the little 2, Onur Sala in the incentive 1. , got Efe Arıcan in incentive 2.

The event was attended by Zonguldak Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay, AK Party Zonguldak deputies Polat Türkmen, Ahmet Çolakoğlu, Hamdi Uçar, CHP Zonguldak Deputy Ünal Demirtaş, Zonguldak Mayor Ömer Selim Alan, as well as district protocol and many citizens.

Due to the intensity, the security forces made occasional announcements to evacuate the wrestling area.

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