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Islam’s ‘protector’ Imran Khan reads songs in praise of China, forgot the condition of Uighurs

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday announced the establishment of the Rahmatul-Il-Alameen Authority. He said that its purpose is to bring the true image of Islam to the world and to spread the teachings of the Prophet. Imran Khan himself will oversee the functioning of this authority. Through this people will be explained the true meaning of Islam.

Imran Khan said that many scholars will also be included in this authority and will work to take the teachings of Prophet Mohammad among the people. They will ensure that how these teachings can be used in the lives of the youth. It is the scholars who will decide what should be included in the school syllabus of the children. Khan said that children will be taught about other religions as well.
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Imran Khan said that research will be conducted in universities under the authority in which it will be seen whether western civilization is beneficial or harmful for the people. He said that Western society is affecting our families and no research has been done about it. Pakistan is going to study about this for the first time. In his address, Imran Khan targeted former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif and said that those who ran away from looting a country are being welcomed in London. How will such a society progress?

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The Pakistani Prime Minister emphasized on morality for the progress of the country. He said that the responsibility of dealing with the issues related to social media would also be given to the scholars. On corruption, Khan said the government has certain limits. If the society decides, then corruption can be eradicated from the root. Praising Pakistan’s ‘friend’ China, Khan said that China has sent thousands of people to jail in corruption-related cases that is why it is such a powerful country today. While praising China, Imran Khan, who claims to be propagating ‘Islam’, may have forgotten the condition of Uighurs who are forced to live like slaves in their ‘friend’ country.


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