WorldIs water finally found on Mars? Is there life?

Is water finally found on Mars? Is there life?

Own report: Whether there is water on Mars, various studies and researches have been going on for a long time. The existence of ice on Mars was already confirmed.

And if there is ice, there must be water. However, this time the news of the existence of water was known. And wherever there is water, there is the possibility of life. As a result, the scope of new research on the existence of life on Mars was opened.

It is known that there may be water in a sector of Mars. Like the Grand Canyon of the Earth, there is a channel on Mars called the Wallace Marineris. A spacecraft called ‘Exomers Gas Orbiter’ is doing this research. This section of Mars is 10 times longer, 5 times deeper, and 20 times wider than the Earth’s Grand Canyon. The Exomers Gas Orbiter can measure the hydrogen on the surface of Mars.

Scientists have previously said that most of the water on Mars is frozen in the two polar regions of Mars. But why the excitement with the Wallace Mariners? Because the temperature in Wallace is not known to be enough to turn water into ice. As a result, there is a strong possibility of finding water directly on the soil of Mars. However, scientists are still not sure what kind of water.

A central part of the Wallace Marineris has been found to be filled with water, said a scientist involved in the matter. Which is much more than expected. This part is like the permafrost region of the earth, where there is permanent ice under the ground due to temperature.

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