IndiaIs the Taliban a terrorist organization or not? O Abdullah wants...

Is the Taliban a terrorist organization or not? O Abdullah wants the Center to clarify


  • Omar Abdullah against the Central Government
  • The Center should state its position
  • Farooq Abdullah also criticized

New Delhi: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has questioned the Center over its confirmation that the Center has held diplomatic talks with the Taliban. Omar Abdullah asked what the central government’s stance on the Taliban was. He also demanded that the Center clarify whether it sees the Taliban as a terrorist organization or not.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah has called on the central government to clarify its position on Afghanistan. The central government, which had previously supported the Ashraf Ghani government in Afghanistan, had also invested heavily in Afghanistan. Eventually, the Foreign Ministry was able to establish links with the Taliban after much effort. The Taliban’s stance on issues including Kashmir is crucial for India.

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“Is the Taliban a terrorist organization or not? You have to make it clear how you see them.” Omar Abdullah asked. According to the ANI, Omar Abdullah was asked why he was in talks with the Taliban if it was a terrorist organization. Omar Abdullah also asked if India would ask the United Nations to change its status if it was not a terrorist organization.

India held diplomatic talks with the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan yesterday. India, which was not part of the US-led Afghan peace talks, has previously sought to link with the Taliban. But diplomats are concerned that the Taliban’s support for Pakistan will not benefit India. It was in this context that Indian Ambassador to Qatar Deep Mittal met with senior Taliban diplomat Sher Mohammad Abbas Shaniskai at the Indian Embassy in Doha.

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The country came under Taliban control after the return of US troops after a 20 – year war. The Taliban has said it will cooperate with other countries, including India. But China and Pakistan have already welcomed the Taliban.

Omar Abdullah also criticized the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Omar Abdullah said there was nothing wrong with the US leaving Afghanistan, but that this was not the way to go. Earlier, Omar Abdullah’s father Farooq Abdullah had blamed the central government for the Afghan issue. He urged the people not to live in a fool’s paradise as there is no extremism in Jammu and Kashmir and security should be provided to the threatened panchayat members.

K Sivadasan Nair said that he did not criticize the Congress leadership but said it was a natural response


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