IndiaIs the Kovid epidemic over? World Health Organization

Is the Kovid epidemic over? World Health Organization


  • The number of patients is declining sharply
  • There doesn’t have to be the next wave
  • The next variant is likely to appear

Copenhagen: As the Covid 19 pandemic enters its third year, the world is still wondering how long it will take to end the crisis. Although the scientific community did not have a definitive answer to this, the World Health Organization has come up with some responses in this regard. The World Health Organization predicts the future of Covid 19 by analyzing the spread of Covid 19 in Europe.

The director of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the spread of Covid 19 in Europe has reached another stage and could lead to the end of the Pandemic. “We can trust that Europe is somehow approaching the end of the Pandemic.” Hans Close told the AFP news agency. He added that by March, Covid would have affected 60 percent of Europe’s population. With this, the number of patients will fall sharply, he said. “After a few weeks or months, the global community will have acquired immunity to the Covid. He said. He said the disease would end soon and his return was likely only by the end of this year. He added that there was no need for Covid to return.

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Earlier, US epidemiologist Anthony Fowzie made a similar prediction on Sunday. Anthony Fowzie predicted a sharp decline in Covid cases in many parts of the US. Anthony Fowzie said he was not overconfident but that the situation in the country would change drastically.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of cases is declining sharply in Africa and elsewhere. Although the Omicron variant is more contagious than the Delta variant, the low severity of the disease has strengthened the expectation that Covid will become as common a disease as the flu. It is hoped that Covid will transition to an endemic state with the virus as it does not affect public life. At the same time, the director of the World Health Organization warned that this situation has not yet been reached.

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He said he was confident Covid 19 would become endemic but caution should be exercised. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that Covid’s hopes have been dashed more than once. He added that as Omicron spreads rapidly, there is a possibility of other variants.

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