IndiaIs SBI Yono an account block? Listen to messages; Widespread...

Is SBI Yono an account block? Listen to messages; Widespread fraud

New Delhi: SBI is reportedly embroiled in a massive scam in the name of Yono account block. The scam involves sending a text message asking you to add a PAN card to your phone. There are reports that many people have received messages in this way and have been scammed.

Fraudsters send text messages to SBI customers under the guise of sending a message from a bank. SB Iono is an account block. The content of the message is that you need to click on the link to update your PAN card information and Net Bank information.

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But the Press Information Bureau (PIB) fact check section says this is a completely wrong message. The PIB tweeted that it would not respond to emails / SMS asking for banking information and would inform [email protected] as soon as it received such a message.

The cyber police had yesterday warned that there was widespread fraud in the state in the name of Yono account. There have been reports of several scams in the past week. Bank account is blocked, Yono app is disabled, net banking service is down, and so on.

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People who click on the link in the message will mistakenly give the information that the fake site belongs to SBI. The money will be lost by adding OTP later in the name of verification.

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