WorldIraqi Prime Minister Kazimi escaped unscathed from airstrike on his residence

Iraqi Prime Minister Kazimi escaped unscathed from airstrike on his residence

In a statement made by the Iraqi government’s Security Square Network, it was reported that Kazimi’s house in the Baghdad Green Zone was attacked by an “armed drone” and that the Prime Minister survived the attack without injury and is in good health.

In the statement, it was stated that the security forces in the region continued to take precautions.

The Iraqi Prime Minister shared on his Twitter account, “I am fine, I am with my family. I urge everyone to stay calm and stay cool.” said.

Shiite militia leaders threatened

Supporters of the Fatah Coalition close to Iran and the Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi continue the sit-in protest in front of the Green Zone, objecting to the election results on October 10. On Friday, November 5, 1 demonstrator died as a result of the fire opened by the security forces in the clash between the demonstrators and the security forces. Thereupon, the Shiite militia force Asayib Ehlilhak Movement leader Kays Hazali, who came to the scene where the tension rose, used expressions containing threats against Kazimi. Hazali had used threatening expressions against Kazimi in the statement she made yesterday from the condolence tent set up for the deceased activist.

In addition to Hazali, Hadi Amiri, the leader of the Fatah Coalition, and Abu Ala al-Velayi, a Shiite militia force, also criticized Kazimi and the government. Amiri declared that the killing of the demonstrator would not go unpunished.

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