WorldIraq missile attack targets Green Zone in Baghdad

Iraq missile attack targets Green Zone in Baghdad

AA / Baghdad

The Iraqi Defense Ministry announced Thursday that a Katyusha missile attack had targeted the Green Zone, located in the capital Baghdad, where the headquarters of foreign diplomatic missions, including the American embassy, ​​are based.

The Media Security Unit (affiliated with the ministry) said in a statement that three Katyusha rockets had targeted the Green Zone at dawn on Thursday in Baghdad, without mentioning whether there were any casualties.

The statement added: “The first missile landed near the headquarters of the National Security Agency, the second on the Square of Celebrations and the third landed near the Sheikh Omar neighborhood in a residential area, causing damage to the car. of a citizen “.

Adding: “These actions will be faced with the force exerted by the security services because they endanger the lives of citizens and target foreign diplomatic missions.”

This is the second attack targeting the green zone and the fifth targeting a foreign presence, according to the Anadolu Agency correspondent.

Neither party has, however, claimed responsibility for it, until now.

Erbil International Airport (north), where American forces are deployed, was attacked on Tuesday with a drone bomb, while the Ain Al-Assad air base in Anbar governorate was the target of two missile attacks Monday and Wednesday.

The latter was claimed by an unknown Iraqi faction, dubbed “The Revenge of Martyr Al-Mouhandis”.

The green zone and the military bases hosting the forces of the International Coalition have been frequently the target of missile attacks since the murder of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani during an American raid on January 3, 2020 in Baghdad.

The United States accuses “Hezbollah brigades” and Iraqi armed factions close to Iran of being behind repeated missile attacks targeting its embassy in the capital, Baghdad, and its military bases in the country .

* Translated from Arabic by Malèk Jomni

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