WorldIraq: Al-Kazemi accepts resignation of Minister of Electricity

Iraq: Al-Kazemi accepts resignation of Minister of Electricity

AA / Baghdad

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi on Friday accepted the resignation of Electricity Minister Majid Hantoush, following a wave of popular protests against the decline in the hours of electricity availability in the country.

According to the Iraqi press agency INA, “Al-Kazemi has accepted the resignation of the Minister of Electricity Majid Hantoush from his post”.

And the agency declares, according to a source in the Prime Minister’s office, that “Al-Kazemi is personally following up with the executive officials of the Ministry of Electricity on rapid and urgent appeals in the face of the energy situation.”

Electricity Ministry spokesman Ahmed Musa told Anadolu Agency last Tuesday that Hantoush had tendered his resignation to Al-Kazemi, amid popular and political protests and criticism of the deterioration of the service. electric in the country.

The ministry announced on Friday the restoration of the country’s electricity network after an outage that lasted for hours, following explosions that targeted high-voltage poles. The Iraqi authorities accused the terrorist elements of Daesh to be at the origin of most of this sabotage.

At dawn on Friday, Iraq suffered a general power cut affecting all of the country’s provinces, with the exception of the Kurdish district region of northern Iraq. The blackout had penalized 15 of the country’s 18 provinces.

Following the recent power outage, Al-Kazemi decided to form a crisis cell to counter the power shortage.

Iraq has suffered from a power shortage for decades, due to successive wars, the unstable security situation in the country and endemic corruption.

* Translated from Arabic by Mounir Bennour.

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