WorldIran's President: We will not accept negotiations with the West under pressure

Iran’s President: We will not accept negotiations with the West under pressure

In an interview broadcast on state television, President of Iran made evaluations about the domestic and foreign policy that his country will follow during the new government formed by conservatives in Tehran.

Stating that the people’s sense of trust in the government weakened during the previous government, Reisi said, “In this period, we must rebuild the damaged trust of the people. The way to regain people’s trust is to be honest. All statesmen should be honest and fulfill the promise honestly, but if it is not fulfilled, they should explain to the public why it was not fulfilled. ” he said.

Emphasizing that they will fight corruption during their own government, Reisi continued as follows:

“The ministers, officials and executives of this government have an understanding of anti-corruption because our condition in the government is to fight corruption for all administrators at all levels. It is not only the President’s duty to answer the public in front of the cameras. Each of our administrators must hold themselves accountable at all levels and our people must be informed about everything. “

In another part of his speech, Reisi called on Iranians abroad to invest in the country and said, “I tell Iranians abroad that Iran is safe and predictable for investment. State institutions are also ready to receive investment.”

“Relations with our neighbors are our priority”

Making evaluations about the developments in Afghanistan, the President of Iran stated that the solution to the problems in Afghanistan would be possible with the formation of a government to be established by the will of the people in this country.

Expressing that they support a government that was born with the will of the people of Afghanistan, Chairman of the Board also emphasized the importance of stopping the conflicts in the country.

Reisi noted that he has contacted more than 50 officials from different countries on Afghanistan and that the talks will continue.

Stating that they consider Afghanistan’s security to be Iran’s security, Reisi said, “The security of all neighboring countries, not just Afghanistan, is our security, and I have repeatedly stated that relations with our neighbors are our priority.” used the phrases.

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