WorldIranian President Rouhani: Negotiations prevented war

Iranian President Rouhani: Negotiations prevented war

Iranian President Hassan RouhaniAs President, in his last interview with Iranian state television, he made evaluations about the nuclear deal, relations with the world and developments in the country.

Recalling that during his visit to Paris, former French President François Hollande said to him, “We, as the 5+1 countries, decided to make a definite war against Iran, but when you took office and declared that you were ready for negotiations, we gave up the war,” Rouhani said, “When I took office, we had two “There was a way, we would either go to war with the world or make peace. The solution is diplomacy and negotiation. Negotiations prevented war.” used his statements.

Noting that they negotiated with the 5+1 countries in the nuclear agreement, but in reality they were negotiating with the USA, Rouhani said, “Today, we are actually talking with the USA. We are talking with the 4+1 countries in Vienna and we are not meeting with the USA, but in reality, the other side of the negotiation is the USA.” said.

Pointing out that the law enacted by the Iranian Parliament under the name of “Strategic Action Plan for Lifting Sanctions and Protecting the Interests of the Iranian Nation” hinders the agreement in the negotiations, Rouhani continued as follows:

“If the new government complies with the law passed by the Assembly, it will not yield results. If the law of the Assembly becomes a criterion, there will be no agreement in the near future. After the US sanctions, no country dared to work with us. If we say that we will only negotiate the nuclear program, we have to suffer the consequences.

We said to the world that we only talk about nuclear activities, but banks are not just looking at that. The most important agenda of the next government is the negotiations. There is no other solution but to establish a relationship.”

He added that he thinks differently with other bodies about the virtual world and cannot express the fights he has with various institutions of the country.

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