WorldInvestigate the origin of Covid-19 on bats in Cambodia

Investigate the origin of Covid-19 on bats in Cambodia

Tests carried out on the species last year showed that the virus is closely related to the virus that causes Covid-19. The eight-member team recorded bat species in the area, gender, age and other information last month.

In samples of horseshoe bats contained a virus similar to corona virus.

Research team member, Tharvy Hoem, said: “We chose this area as the study site because based on previous research. They found that the area has an exceptional richness in biodiversity. species of bats, especially horseshoe bats. We hope that the results of this study will help the world better understand Covid-19.”

Host species such as bats often show no symptoms when the virus is present, but the virus can be dangerous if passed on to humans or other animals.

In the past, there have been many deadly viruses originating from bats such as Ebola or other corona viruses such as SARS or MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome).

Investigate the origin of Covid-19 on bats in Cambodia - photo 2

The research team took samples in the northern region of Cambodia.

However, leading virologist, Dr Veasna Duong, said humans are responsible for Covid-19, a disease that has killed nearly 5 million people worldwide, for interfering with and destroying the environment. living school.

He said: “If we try to get close to the wilderness, the possibility of the virus remaining in the wildlife is higher than usual. The possibility of the virus mutating and infecting people is also more.”


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