Interviewing journalist saved lawyer's life due to heart attack, video went viral

Interviewing journalist saved lawyer’s life due to heart attack, video went viral

A video has become increasingly viral on social media, it can be seen in the viral video that a journalist is interviewing a lawyer, when suddenly the lawyer is on the ground. falls. After that it can be seen in the video that the journalists start saving the lawyer. A lawyer’s life is saved by the hard work of a journalist. After watching this video, users of social media are commenting. People are praising the journalist on social media. Writing in the comment, the journalist saved the lawyer’s life in time.

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A journalist can be seen in the viral video interviewing a lawyer. During the interview, the lawyer suddenly falls on the ground, only then the journalist saved the life of the lawyer on the spot. Senior journalist Ravish Kumar has shared this video on Instagram account. Along with this, the complete truth of this news has been told.

The lawyer whom journalist Dr Vinay Gupta was interviewing suffered a heart attack. Dr. Gupta started pressing the lawyer’s chest with CPR technique on the spot itself. After a while the lawyer came to his senses and due to subsequent treatment he is fine. Dr. Gupta has done dental studies. He has also tested CPR technician at Escort Hospital in Delhi. Dr Vinay Gupta, who is associated with Haryana’s Sansar Kranti channel, saved a lawyer’s life. Hearty congratulations to this journalist colleague for this work. Excellent job done.