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Interior Minister Soylu: We are conducting an operation against the PKK, its voice comes from the HDP

In his speech at the AK Party Organization Academy held in Tunceli Teachers’ House, Soylu talked about the development of Turkey during the AK Party rule.

“If we get caught up in the low-level acrobats of the CHP inside, if we still try to make up for the empty threats and arrogant rhetoric of the HDP, if we still deal with those who are trying to create sedition through immigration and who market a different lie every night on the screens, we will both achieve our 2023 goals and We also regret the 19 years of effort of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AK Party and this nation.” Soylu said that they were not in the defense or in the interrogation, and they were not present during the answering.

Stating that a new excitement should be given to this nation, Soylu said that their goal of making Tunceli and Pülümür a tourism center should be explained.

“Against those who have kept this nation busy with the PKK for 40 years and still shamelessly address Imralı, they say, ‘The HDP is now a dead party, the PKK is a finished organization. Now we will mind our business, we will not sacrifice our children to the dirty fantasies of the HDP and the PKK. We have to shout, ‘We will try to make our children doctors and engineers’.” Saying that, Soylu noted that many years of pain have been suffered and a great price has been paid.

Soylu pointed out that terrorism prevents taking stronger steps forward and continued as follows:

“Sometimes, they sneer at us, they say, ‘You keep saying tutelage, where is this tutelage’. Here is the tutelage. This is the shackle that was put on Turkey’s feet after May 27. What the AK Party started to break in 2002, broke up with FETO and the PKK. This is the tutelage that has been buried in history together with the presidential government model. The system that some people want to bring back with the calculation of power, with the calculation of votes, is actually this tutelage. “The lord of some is Kandil, some of them is Pennsylvania, and some of them are the West, which they worship unconditionally and keep a compass for themselves.”

Answering the parliamentary system calls, Soylu said:

“I’m not one to bend words. I’m speaking frankly. Today’s calls for a parliamentary system are the product of a mentality that transcends the single-party period. Here from Tunceli, I am calling out to the CHP. One should not go back to the days of one party by threatening bureaucrats, civil servants and police. You should condemn Turkey. You should not return Turkey to its old days. Turkey should not return to its old days. You, as CHP supporters, should intervene in the calls to turn Turkey into chaos, which is the least affected by this cost in this pandemic period, by polarizing Turkey and pushing Turkey into an atmosphere of conflict. “You brought a proposal to this country and who said it has not existed until now. The only way to be in power in this country is the ballot box, and the only way is to enter the heart of the nation, not to threaten the nation.”

“Someone’s master may be FETO, someone else’s master may be the PKK, someone else’s master may be the West. Our master is the nation, the nation and the nation.” Soylu said:

“They have a problem, their troubles are obvious. They are confused about where to squeeze the HDP. They can’t find a place, they can’t find a place, throw them away, sell them. It’s not like they want us to show pity on October 6-8. Sorry, we can’t feel sorry for Demirtaş’s wife when Yasin Börü’s parents are standing, Necmettin teacher’s parents are standing, and our beautiful daughter’s mother and father are standing. “We can’t let the PKK or those who speak it out without asking for an account of even the hair of one’s hair. We can’t forget Aybüke’s folk songs.”

“Why did the Ministry of Interior take 8 months”

“Everyone’s address is clear. We are conducting an operation against FETO, its voice is from the IYI Party. We are operating against the PKK, its voice is from the HDP. Our police carried out an operation against the DHKP-C, its voice came from the CHP.” Soylu said:

“They tweeted and said, ‘You will catch thieves, not the truth-tellers, you will get 3600.’ Mashallah, the terrorist organization of the years, the assassination organization of the hired killer, the terrorist organization that martyred prosecutor Selim Kiraz were ‘the ones who told the truth’, we were wrong. What a beautiful policy. And on top of that, he allegedly offered a bribe and said that you will get 3600. he says ‘we promise you 3600, you take it, don’t touch our guys.’ There is only one comment to be made on this. This is brazenness, an insult to Turkey and the Turkish police force.”

Stating that those who will leave the Presidential Government System and return to the parliamentary system have an ailment, Soylu stated that neither the decision nor the word, nor the tutelage, is in the Presidential Government System.

Pointing out that the West cannot give the instructions in the Presidential Government System, Soylu said, “We have been governed by the parliamentary system for 95 years, for God’s sake, tell me, what miracles have we seen other than coups? Did it end the coalitions, no. Did it end terrorism, no. Did it prevent the coups, no. What? Ask the lady who said ‘I will be the Prime Minister’, why did the Ministry of Interior last 8 months? Ask the lady who said, ‘The HDP is the political arm of the PKK,’ why did the Ministry of Interior last 8 months?’ he said.

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