WorldIntergalactic War: Earth's war with alien creatures has begun!

Intergalactic War: Earth’s war with alien creatures has begun!

Own report: Today is that day. Wednesday, August 11th. Alien creatures are setting foot on the earth. And only then will they have a conflict with the people.

A tick-tock video claims that an intergalactic war will begin in 2025. The joke about this video is going on in the net. The video was uploaded from an account called ‘aesthetictimewarper’.

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The user of that TikTok account has introduced himself as a real time traveler. The unidentified person claims that he lived in 2614! His claim is that these aliens are landing on our planet in the same way that a comet touches the earth.

“For two weeks in the northern hemisphere, large meteor showers will fall continuously,” he wrote. But one of them will look different. In another video, Ticktaker claims that aliens will find the imaginary kingdom of Atlantis in 2022. Will enter the administration in 2023. And the much awaited war (Nozic War) will start from 2025!

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