WorldIntense attacks launched by Assad regime forces on Daraa continue

Intense attacks launched by Assad regime forces on Daraa continue

Bashar al-Assad regime and regime forces, consisting of foreign terrorist groups backed by Iran, in southern Syria. Deraa While the intense attacks started after midnight on Dera el-Beled, one of the central neighborhoods of the province, continued, Syria The Ömeri Mosque, which was the starting point of the uprisings, was targeted.

Eymen Ebu Nokta, spokesperson of the Horan Freedoms Community, founded by Dera activists, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the regime forces continued their intense attacks of attrition, launched from midnight to take Dera el-Beled, one of the central districts of Daraa, under control.

Stating that there were violent clashes between the people of the neighborhood, the former opposition and the regime forces, Ebu Nokta stated that the regime forces have not yet made any progress in any axis.

Ebu Nokta stated that with the artillery attack of the Iran-backed 4th Division, they targeted the Ömeri Mosque, where the uprisings started in Syria.

Stating that there was serious material damage to the mosque that was hit, Ebu Nokta said that there were no dead or injured in the neighborhood.

Ebu Nokta stated that the opposition in Daraa received threats from the Russian commanders who participated in the talks that if the Assad regime responded to the attacks, the Russian soldiers would support the regime and launch an attack.

Muslat, the leader of the Syrian opposition, said, “If the crime against our people in Daraa is not stopped, our commitment to the international community will have no meaning in any political process.” Using his statements, he reacted harshly to the attacks of the Assad regime against Daraa.

The Central Committee of Deraa, which conducts the negotiations on behalf of the people of the region, announced on September 4 that the Assad regime broke the agreement.

How did the events in Dera begin?

On June 25, the Assad regime and its supporter Russia asked the people living in Dera el-Beled Neighborhood and the opposition there to surrender all the light weapons in their possession and allow the houses to be searched.

The Reconciliation Center in Daraa and the notables of the people of the region opposed this request on the grounds that it violated the agreement reached with the Assad regime in July 2018, under the mediation of Russia, to deliver only heavy weapons.

Thereupon, the Assad regime forces began to impose a blockade on approximately 40 thousand civilians living in Dera el-Beled on 25 June.

On July 26, an agreement was reached between the delegation of the Assad regime forces and the Reconciliation Center in Deraa that the people living in Dera el-Beled Neighborhood and the military opposition there should surrender all their light weapons, allow their homes to be searched and the blockade be lifted.

However, the tension spread to the eastern and western rural areas of Dera province when the Assad regime started a ground operation on the morning of 29 July in order to step out of the agreement and strengthen its dominance in the neighborhood.

As a result of the clashes between the parties, the local armed opposition in Dera seized many checkpoints belonging to the regime forces and captured some regime elements.

After the negotiations between the Assad regime forces delegation and the Reconciliation Center in Dera, under the supervision of Russia, were inconclusive, the regime forces targeted the neighborhood with mortar and tank shots at intervals since 29 July.

The Central Committee, which was conducting negotiations on behalf of the people of the region in Dera el-Beled, and the delegation affiliated with the Assad regime, once again negotiated with the mediation of Russia and reached an agreement on a ceasefire.

With the spread of the “Arab Spring” wave in the Middle East to Syria, the wick of the popular uprising that started on March 15, 2011, when a group of students wrote on the school wall, “O doctor (Bashar Assad) now it’s your turn”, addressed to Bashar Assad, is in Dera. over the years, the city fell into the hands of the opposition.

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